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  • This appears to be a very informative site.
  • Thank you for being on the net!
  • Thank you so much for your abundance of information. It is so nice to be able to look up info on all the museums I intend to visit when I travel. Thanks again.
  • Why didn't I know about this site before? Thanks. Terrific.
  • Felt like a member of the team; unveiling a masterpiece.
  • Great site! I'm from Germany, you know.
  • Very nice site; I have a Dodsworth Sefar and am collecting more of his work.
  • Lots of good stuff on your site! Good luck.
  • I am a Chinese art dealer in Chongqing Huipa Art Gallery in People's Republic of China.
  • I would like to add the Wyoming Arts Council Gallery to your listing. Ifranc@
  • What a great resource. Thanks for the effort in making this possible.
  • Just a few words to express my admiration for your web site. Its quite wonderful.


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