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Yakima Valley Museum

2105 Tieton Drive
Yakima, WA

Phone: 509-248-0747

Statement of Purpose

The Yakima Valley Museum promotes an understanding of Central Washington history as it effects the lives of contemporary citizens. Through the collection, preservation, and exhibition of historic artifacts and stories, as well as related programming, the museum provides residents and visitors with historical perspectives that may influence decisions about the future of the Valley.

Yakima Valley Museum

in Central Washington State

Highlights & Collections

The Yakima Valley Museum offers historical displays focusing on the Yakima Valley -- its natural history, Native American culture, early pioneer life, and the roots and development of the Valley's fruit industry. The museum also has a superb collection of horse-drawn vehicles, from stagecoaches to a hearse, a historical display of former resident, Supreme Court Justice and environmentalist William O. Douglas, an interactive Children's Center, a changing schedule of special exhibitions, as well as an operating 1930's art-deco soda fountain

This 65,000 ft2 facility offers historical exhibits on the Yakima Valley'ss natural history, American Indian culture, pioneer life, early city life, and the roots and development of the Valley's fruit industry. The museum has a superb collection of horse-drawn vehicles, from stagecoach to hearse; a historical exhibit and reconstruction of the Washington D.C. office of former Yakima resident and environmentalist, Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas; and a changing schedule of special exhibitions.

Exhibits & Special Events

Calendar of Events


Admission & Directions:

Yakima is located in South Central Washington State.

Key Personnel:

John Baule, Director

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