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Tucson Museum of Art
and Historic Block

as viewed from the Plaza of the Pioneers.
140 North Main Avenue
Tucson, Arizona
(520) 624-2333

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Tucson Museum of Art is to provide art accessible to the community that reflects the importance of the diverse cultural and historical heritage of Tucson.

The Tucson Museum of Art offers ten to fifteen changing fine arts and crafts exhibits year-round. The permanent collection of over 5500 works include: Precolumbian, Spanish Colonial, European, American, Contemporary and World Folk art. The Museum, located downtown, in the El Presidio Historic District, also features 5 fully restored historic properties, an elegant Museum Shop, Café à la C'Art and popular Art School.

Founded 1924. Handicapped accessible. A.A.M. Accredited and Member


Research Fields

Calendar of Events:


Key Personnel

Robert A. Yassin, Executive Director


Located in downtown Tucson in the historic El Presidio Neighborhood on the corner of Main Ave. and Alemeda St.




Sojourns in the Labyrinth
Artist: Roberto Marquez. Permanent collection.


The Spirit and the Flesh
Tucson collects Spanish colonial art.


J. Knox Corbett House
Historic property restored by the museum. Open for tours.

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