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Voigt House Victorian Museum

115 College Avenue S E
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Phone: 616 456 3977 --
TTY: 616 456 3724

Statement of Purpose:

This 1895 home of local businessman Carl Voigt seeks to preserve the lifestyle of late Victorian period Grand Rapids. The Voigt House is a property of the Public Museum of Grand Rapids.

Highlights & Collections:

Voigt House Victorian Museum is the former residence of the prosperous Victorian Grand Rapids businessman Carl Voigt and his family. All the rooms and their original contents have been maintained to present a snapshot of life int he late 1800s.

Carl Voigt's furniture is a major highlight of this opulent home. It is lavishly decorated with silk and tapestry wall coverings, elegant brass chandeliers and fine oriental rugs. Personal items such as art, objects of clothing, and even bathing articles, give visitors an authentic taste of everyday life in the Victorian era. Other features include the carriage house, the Milling Company Gift Shop and historically landscaped grounds.

Visitors learn about everything from the garments worn by prosperous Victorian women to the methods of cooking and cleaning used by the servants.



The Museum is open for special events only.

Admission & Directions:

Call Museum for admission cost.

The Voigt House Victorian Museum is located on College Avenue, off of the I-196 exit.


Voigt House.

Part of the Public Museum of Grand Rapids.

Key Personnel:

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