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Florida Bay Holocaust Museum

55 Fifth Street South
Saint Petersburg, FL

Phone: 813-821-0100

Statement of Purpose

The Florida Holocaust Museum serves as a foundation for the future.

The Museum is dedicated to advancing public awareness, education, and understanding of the Holocaust, honoring the memory of millions of innocent people who suffered, struggled, and died in the Shoah.

Located in downtown St. Petersburg, the 27,000 square foot facility is now the fourth largest Holocaust Center in the United States.

Highlights & Collections

Through a collection of photographs, testimonies, and historical artifacts relating to the Holocaust, the visitor is guided through the comprehensive Core Exhibit. Divided into twelve areas, each section depicts an aspect of the flourishing pre-war life in eastern Europe, the Holocaust, concentration camps, and ultimately, the birth of the State of Israel.

History, Heritage, and Hope, an interactive multimedia exhibit, is a memorial to the lives of the victims of the Holocaust. It defines the history of the victims, the heritage of the victims, and the hope of all humanity.

Box Car #113-0695-5, once used to by the Nazis, to tramsport Jews and others to the killing centers, rests in the center atrium on railroad tracks from Treblinka. It is one of three original box cars used by the Nazis on exhibition in the United States.

Exhibits & Special Events

On February 21, 1998, the new Tampa Bay Holocaust Museum was dedicated.

Officially opening the museum were (left to right) Museum Founder Walter P. Loebenberg, Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel, Edith Loebenberg, and Museum President Amy S. Epstein.


Admission & Directions

The museum is conveniently situated in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida.

Key Personnel

Amy S. Epstein, President

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