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Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History

1335 Asp Avenue - University of Oklahoma
Norman, Oklahoma

Phone: 405 325 4712

Statement of Purpose:

To preserve, increase and disseminate knowledge of the natural and cultural history of Oklahoma and the world.



Paleontology life science Spiro Mounds. "Life in a Nutshell" (Biotracks travelling exhibition).

Hours: Tu-Fr: 10-5; Sa-Su: 2-5.



Effigy pipes from Spiro Mounds

in Oklahoma. The rattler pipe and the pipesmoker pipe circa 1,000.

Cotyllorhynchus Romeri.

Mammal-like reptile from Norman Oklahoma circa 280 million years ago.

Lilac-Breasted Roller

and rufous-crowned roller from Ethiopia.

Cheyenne Bucksin Dress.

Circa 1890.

Key Personnel:

Michael Mares, Director

Peter Tirrell, Associate Director;
Julie Droke, Collections Manager.

James L. Mustoe, Ph.D. Administrator
Patrick Fisher, Coordinator Computing Systems

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