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Science response to skin aging.

North Carolina Museum of Life & Science

433 W Murray Avenue
Durham, North Carolina
919-220 5429
Handicapped accessible
Affiliated with A.A.M.

Hours: 362 days per year. 10-5 and 1-5 on Sundays.

Statement of Purpose

The museum is a science & technology center to further natural and physical science education. Hands-on and interactive.

Highlights, Exhibits & Events


Aerospace. Redstone Rocket. Wilson.
Explore life on the lunar lander with NASA artifacts and hands-on space and rocket propulsion exhibits.

Black Bear. Ellis Wilson.
Black Bears roam their native landscape.
The museum has a farmyard and red wolves (endangered species) too.

Data Earth. Ellis Wilson.
Explore the world of global communications
with Data Earth or scientific lab.

Tornado. Ellis Wilson.
Walk through a 15-foot-high tornado and play in the clouds at the Weather exhibit.

Key Personnel

CEO: Dr. Thomas Krakauer , Director.
Maryanne B. Friend, V-P.
Thank you for visiting with us.

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