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International Museum of The Horse

4089 Iron Works Pike - Kentucky Horse Pa
Lexington, Kentucky

Phone: 606 259 4231 -
TTY: 606 233 4303

Statement of Purpose:

The International Museum of the Horse is the largest and most comprehensive equestrian museum in the world. It is dedicated to telling the intriguing story of the horse and its relationship with humans.


From the tiny first horse, Eohippus, to the profusion of different breeds and equine activities which exist today, the Museum traces the history of man's most steadfast partner with an exciting array of artifacts and exhibits.

The 52,000 square foot museum also supports a comprehensive education program which annually hosts over 32,000 school children, a 3,000 volume research library, and the William G. Kenton Jr. art gallery.


The Calumet Farm and Hasty House Farm Thoroughbred racing trophy collections. The Chicago Livestock draft horse photo collection. The Mervis collection of carved miniature horses. The Francis W. Eustis collection of English draft horse brasses and accoutrements.




4 miles north of Lexington I-75, Exit 120


"The Golden Age of the Horse" exhibit

Horse study by Leonardo DaVinci

Key Personnel:

Bill Cooke, Director

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