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Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum

4721 Aircraft Drive
Anchorage, Alaska

Phone: 907-248-5325 --

Statement of Purpose:

To collect, preserve and present Alaska's early aircraft and relate the histories of the pioneers who flew them.

Exhibits & Special Events:

Eleison Exhibit, Merrill, Wiley Post, over thirty vintage aircraft, 2 examples of the only ones existing from WWII Aleutian Campaign.


Admission & Directions:


A.A. Bennetts

Fairbanks, Alaska, circa 1927.

Jerry Jones & Joe Crosson

make the first landing on Mt. McKinley, May 1932. Stearman C2B, NC5415.

The Queen of Dago Lake.

A superb one hour film documents the history of Catalina Flying Boats in Alaskan history and details the epic recovery of the museum's PBY from the remote Alaskan wilderness.

Key Personnel:

Norm Lagasse, Executive Director
Dave Morgan, Curator
Shari Hart, Marketing Director.

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