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Burke Museum of Natural History

University of Washington
Seattle, Washington

Phone: 1-206-543-5590 --

Statement of Purpose:

Follow your natural instincts to the Northwest's premier museum of natural and cultural history. At the Burke Museum you'll see the only real dinosaur skeletons in the Pacific Northwest, and the region's foremost collection of Native American art all in one place.

Highlights & Collections:

But that's not all! When you really start to dig, you'll discover whale fossils, spiders, butterflies, a comprehensive garden of native plant life, and much, much more. Afterward, you can shop for high quality native jewelry, art, and wonders from around the Pacific Rim in the Museum Shop or relax with a latte and pastry in the elegant Victorian wood-paneled coffee shop.

As Washington State's official museum of natural and cultural history, the Burke Museum houses world-renowned collections in Anthropology, Geology, and Zoology. These three collections total over 3 million specimens, and are curated by academic faculty appointed jointly to the museum and the University of Washington.


Current Exhibits

Northwest Coast Journey : Northwest Coast Native Art and Artifacts is an ongoing exhibit that features several well-known treasures including full-size replicas of the Sea Monster House Front and interior screens and two Northwest Coast totem poles. Baskets, tools, and full-size canoes complete the exhibit.

Secrets from the Earth: A Fossil Workshop takes visitors back millions of years to see the remains of prehistoric plants and animals. Specimens from the Burke's extensive fossil collection are on display including the 30-million-year-old fossil whale recently found on the Olympic Peninsula. Scientists, when available, demonstrate how fossils are prepared for study.

Pacific Voices: Celebrating Cultural Traditions from Around the Pacific Rim
Life and Times: A Journey Through the Natural History of the Pacific Northwest.


Open daily, 10am to 5pm.



The Museum

Museum Logo

Crook Bear

Owl Mask


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Key Personnel:

Teresa Purcell, Public Relations Director
Andrea Schwandt-Arbogast, Research Technician & Webmaster

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