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Buffalo Bill Historical Center

720 Sheridan Avenue
Cody, Wyoming

Phone: 307-587-4771 -

Statement of Purpose:

The Buffalo Bill Historical Center serves the public by advancing knowledge about the American West through acquiring, exhibiting and interpreting collections of artifacts and preserving their physical and contextual integrity.



Notable features of the collections include a fine cross-section of important American western art dating from the early 19th century to the present, materials and belongings related to the life and times of William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody, thousands of cultural objects related to the lifeways of the Plains Indians, and the world's largest collection of American-made firearms. The McCracken Research Library features more than 15,000 volumes related to the collections and subject matter of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center.


Hours: May-Oct: open daily; Mar-Apr, Nov: open Tu-Su. Call for hours.




Buffalo Bill Historical Center.

Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill (detail)

Photograph by W. Notman, 1885.

The Mystery (detail)

Frederic Remington.


Frederic Remington, c. 1900

The Lone Greenhorn

C. 1866, by Alfred Jacob Miller.

Free Trapper

John Clyner, 1967

Indian with Tomahawk

Fritz Scholder, 1970

At the end of her rope.

Anne coe, 1992.

Key Personnel:

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