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Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

3400 Vine Street
Cincinnati, Ohio

Phone: 513-281-4700 -- 1-800-94-HIPPO
TTY: 513 559 7701

Statement of Purpose:

Highlights & Collections:

The Cincinnati Zoo is the second oldest zoo in the nation, and ranked by its peers as the third finest. Our Zoo has won numerous awards for the quality of its exhibits and its successes in breeding rare and endangered animals. Each visit to the Cincinnati Zoo is a new and unique experience; the Cincinnati Zoo is continuously changing, making it possible for visitors to truly explore an entire world of wonder.

Be sure to visit:

Award-winning Insect World, which houses over 60 insect displays. Fun, interactive displays encourage learning and are entertaining for both young and old.

Award-winning Jungle Trails has both indoor and outdoor "immersion" displays that make visitors feel as though they are immersed in the animals' habitat. The rare bonobo chimpanzee is found here, as well as orangutans, shoebill storks and others.

Gorilla World is one of the most popular areas at the Zoo. This outdoor display is home to the Zoo's world-renowned lowland gorillas. As of July 1996, the Cincinnati Zoo held the record for number of gorilla births in one year, six of the tykes were born in 1995, raising the total number of gorilla births at the Cincinnati Zoo to 43.

The recently opened Wings of the World exhibits both least and crested auklets, which are not housed anywhere else in the world. The different displays inside the exhibit allow visitors to observe the free-flying "feathered dinosaurs" in an area much like their natural habitats. Visitors can walk into a South American rain forest, complete with a crashing waterfall, or observe birds such as the rhinoceros hornbill in an Australasian area. Many interactive displays are located throughout the exhibit as well.



Watch as the Zoo's Cat Ambassadors run, splash and play in their exercise yard. An experienced handler shares training secrets and answers questions.


Look, listen and touch some of our ambassador animals and gain insights into their world.


Learn about conservation efforts around the globe. See how a solar-powered fan works. Drop a coin in the Conservation Parking Meter and actually save rain forest land from destruction, and send an environmental message to government officials.


Admission & Directions:

$8/adult, $4.50/child, $5.75/Senior citizens and children under 2 are free. Group rates are available, please cal 513-559-7742 for more information.

Take Interstate 71 North or South to Dana Avenue Exit and follow the signs to the Zoo. or...
Take Interstate 75 North or South to Mitchell Avenue and follow the signs to the Zoo.


Beautiful birds.

Just an example from Wings of the World. Photo: Richard Norton.

Spring floral Festival

blooms in front of the Reptile House. Photo: Ron Austing.

Thousands of Lights

light up the zoo during Festival of Lights. Photo: Richard Norton.


hangs out in Gorilla world. Photo: Mike Dulaney.

Key Personnel:

Edward Maruska, Executive Director

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