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Brooklyn Botanical Garden

1000 Washington Avenue
Brooklyn, New York

Phone: 718 622 4433 --

Statement of Purpose:

A 52 acre garden that blooms amid the city's brick and concrete. There is always something to see. The garden is the fourth largest cultural attraction in New York.


Opens 8 am weekdays. 10 am on weekend. Closes 6 pm in Summer, 4.30 pm in Winter.

Admission & Directions:


We offer a frequent user card or "Community Pass" which provides for free admission, but does not include the benefits of membership. Indivudal passes are $15 .


Lily Pool Terrace.

Waterlillies, Steinhardt Conservatory Pavilions in the background. Winter Hot Spot!!!

Japanese Hill and Pond Garden.

Features a viewing pavilion, torii, shrines, and more.

Cranford Rose Garden.

Exhibits over 5,000 bushes of nearly 1,200 varieties.

Cherry Esplanade.

Oriental flowering cherries bloom in a dazzling mass display.

Key Personnel:

Judith D. Zuk, President

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