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Wyoming State Museum

2301 Central Avenue, Barrett Building
Cheyenne, WY

Phone: 307 777 7022

Statement of Purpose

The Wyoming State Museum tells the stories of Wyoming's human and natural history from prehistoric to modern times.

Highlights & Collections

Wyoming State Museum highlights include a wildlife diorama, the Hands-on History Room, and a life-sized cast of the dinosaur Camptosaurus.

The State Museum maintains over 100,000 artifacts related to Wyoming's heritage. Strengths include textiles, firearms, household artifacts, military artifacts, and Native American artifacts.

Exhibits & Special Events

Temporary Exhibits Schedule for 2001:
Native American Games, 7-10 through 9-22-2001
Strong Medicine:  A Century of High Desert Remedies, 8-3 through 3-31-2002
In Search of the North Platte River, 8-17 through 10-26-2001
"Everything I Say Here is Straight and True"  The Autobiographical Drawings of Chief White Bull:  Arts sa a Historical Source, 10-5 through 12-22-2001
American WWII Posters:  The Social Influence of Wartime Information,
11-9 through 12-22-2001.


May-Oct: Tues-Sat, 9am-4:30pm 
Nov-Apr: Tues-Fri, 9am-4:30pm, Sat. 10am-2:00pm

Admission & Directions

There is no fee for admission.

The State Museum is located southeast of the State Capitol building. Free parking is available in the lot north of the Barrett Building. The entrance to the lot is on the east side of the building off of Warren Avenue, a one-way street northbound.

Key Personnel

Marie Wilson-McKee, Director

Mike Fox, Curator of Collections
Ellen Stump, Curator of Interpretation
Anna Bechtel, Curator of Education
Manny Vigil, Curator of Exhibits

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