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William Paca House & Garden

186 Prince George Street
Annapolis, Maryland

Phone: 410-263-5553 -- 800/603-4020

Statement of Purpose:

Visit the William Paca House and Garden, and experience life as it was over 200 years ago for this wealthy signer of the Declaration of Independence and his family.

Highlights & Collections:

The restored mansion is furnished with fine antiques and the reconstructed two-acre pleasure garden located behind has a riot of plants, a summer house, a fish-shaped pond, and a Chinese Chippendale bridge. Discover this gem in the middle of downtown Annapolis.

Guided tours of the house investigate differenct facets of William Paca and his wife, Mary Chew Paca's life, their household, neighbors, and community. Tours change every six months. The garden offers the opportunity to explore on your own with the aid of a map and information brochure.

Historic Annapolis Foundation collections include: historic buildings, artifacts, tools and equipment, artwork, photographs, and plant garden. Most significant collections include the foundation's six historic buildings; 17th-century through 20th- century archaeological artifacts; 17th-century through early 19th-century decorative arts; 19th- and 20th-century photographs of Annapolis; architectural survey of the Annapolis Historic District; and plant study collections including samples of 19th- century plants.

Exhibits & Special Events:


Admission & Directions:

William Paca House and Garden, $4 house only, $3 garden only, $6 both



Check with us at a later date.

Key Personnel:

Ann Fligsten, President of Historic Ann

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