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Woodrow Wilson House

2340 S Street N.W.
Washington, DC

Phone: 202-387-4062

Statement of Purpose

The Woodrow Wilson House is a National Historic landmark and house museum that focuses on President Wilson's "Washington Years (1912-1924)". The museum promotes a greater awareness of Wilson's public life and ideals for future generations through guided tours, exhibitions and educational programs. The museum also serves as a community preservation model and resource, dedicated to the stewardship and presentation of an authentic collction and property.

Highlights & Collections

The Woodrow Wilson House, Washington's only Presidential museum is the home of Woodrow Wilson, an influential figure of the twentieth century, a President of the United States who shaped the modern Presidency and is worthy of study today.

A world leader who sought peace and was the Founder of the League of Nations, which became the foundation for the United Nations. A man who used the power of his office to bring about positive domestic reform and led the nation through the First World War with determined and principled leadership. His last home is for us today, as it was when he lived here removed from power and once again a private citizen, a place for the intimate reflection on his life as educator, president and world statesman. The Wilson House: at the intersection of Power, Vision and Human Frailty, is a place where Woodrow Wilson's powerful ideas remain and can still inspire future generations.

This museum property of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, designed by architect Waddy B. Wood in 1915, is authentically furnished.

Tours of the Wilson House are fully guided. On display are important materials from Wilson's presidency; objects from the White House; elaborate gifts of state from around the world; family items and personal objects. The house also is a living textbook of "modern" American life in the 1920's - from sound recordings to silent films to flapper dresses and zinc sinks.

Exhibits & Special Events

Admission & Directions:

Admission charged.

Just off Embassy Row, Massachusetts Avenue, at 24th Street. Metro at Dupont Circle, Q Street, Exit



Check with us at a later date.

Key Personnel:

Mr. Michael T. Sheehan, Executive Director

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