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Pawnee Indian Village Museum
State Historic Site

Rr 1 Box 475
Republic, Kansas

Phone: 785-361-2255 --

Statement of Purpose:

To educate and inform the public about the Pawnee Nation about its past, present, and future.

Highlights & Collections:

This very important archeological site to plains Indian history, reveals a Kitkehahki Pawnee village from the 1820s.

Village remains include earth lodge depressions, cache pits, and a fortification wall. The museum encloses the excavated floor of one of the largest lodges with all artifacts left on the floor as they were found. The spirits of the thousands of Pawnees that once called this village home will surround you as you visit this fascinating archeological wonder.

The Pawnee Indian Village State Historic Site is an archeological site of an 1820s Kitkehahki Band Pawnee Village once housing as many as 2000 Pawnee living in 40 - 50 earth lodges. Evidence of 22 lodges remain on the grounds along with remains of storage pits and a fortification wall.

The museum building encloses the excavated floor of one the largest lodges with all artifacts left as they were found. Displays describe Pawnee culture. Other amenities include a gift shop, nature trail, orientation videos, picnic grounds, and research center.


Calendar of Events:

Directions: Located in north central Kansas near Republic. 8 miles north of U.S. Hwy. 36 on Kansas Hwy. 266. or 3 miles west of Republic, Ks.

Admissions: A donation of $2.00 adults and $1.00 for children under 16.

Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 10-5, and Sunday 1-5. Closed major holidays, open year round.


Key Personnel:

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