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Museum of Contemporary Religious Art - St Louis University

221 North Grand Boulevard
Saint Louis, MO

Phone: 314 977 7170

Statement of Purpose

The world's first interfaith museum of contemporary art, MOCRA is dedicated to the ongoing dialogue between artists and the various religious traditions, as well as a place for greater understanding among various religions.

Highlights & Collections

In its first five years, MOCRA has attracted artists of regional, national and international stature. Changing exhibitions and a permanent collection provide for a stimulating and thought-provoking visit. MOCRA's unique environment--it is housed in a spacious chapel that was used for over 35 years by Jesuits studying philosophy at Saint Louis University--contributes to a visitor's experience of the sacred and spiritual. As part of Saint Louis University, MOCRA broadens its educational outreach by hosting conferences, symposia and lectures, and by offering tours to both school groups and the general public.

Permanent collection and changing exhibitions dedicated to ongoing dialogue between artists and the world's faith traditions can be seen at 3700 W Pine Boulevard.

Exhibits & Special Events

Tobi Kahn: Metamorphoses

Bernard Maisner: Retrospective


Tuesday - Sunday, 11-4. Call (314) 977-7170 for holiday hours.

Admission & Directions

Admission is free.

Located on the John E. Connelly Pedestrian Mall on the campus of Saint Louis University in midtown St. Louis. Call (314) 977-7170 for directions.

Key Personnel

Terrence E. Dempsey, SJ, Director

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