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Museum of Florida History

500 South Bronough Street
Tallahassee, FL

Phone: 904 488 1484

Statement of Purpose

The Museum of Florida History, the state museum of histroy, exists to collect, preserve, exhibit, and interpret the material record of human culture in Florida.

Highlights & Collections

Visiting the Museum of Florida Histroy is a fun way to learn about Florida history.

Visitors can trace Florida's development chronologically from the prehistoric era to the 20th century when tourism began to develop and eventually became one of the state's most important industries.

With over 43,000 artifacts in the collection, the museum collects items pertaining to various periods in Florida's history.

Exhibits & Special Events


Admission & Directions

Free entrance fee. Donations accepted.

Going east on I-10, take Tallahassee exit #29.

Going north on I-75, take Tallahassee exit to I-10, then take second exit to Tallahassee off I-10.

Key Personnel

Gaye Giunta, Bureau Chief

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