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Museum of York County

4621 Mount Gallant Road
Rock Hill, SC

Phone: (803) 329-2121

Statement of Purpose

The Museum of York County stimulates learning, inspires creativity, and promotes appreciation of our world through exhibitions and programs. The Museum's collections reflect the arts, culture, history, and natural sciences of Africa and the York County region.

Highlights & Collections

In one corner of York County you'll see our world and the stars beyond.
Wild African animal exhibits in South Carolina? Unlikely.
Vivid contemporary art on a country road? Improbable.
Star-gazing safaris, holograms and South Carolina wildlife, all in one place? Hardly possible.

Except, of course, at the Museum of York County, where the unlikely and the improbable are right at home.
Where the fascinating creatures and artifacts of the Stans African Halls await.
Where the star machine of the Settlemyre Planetarium creates vivid night skies to explore.
Where bears, wolves and mountain lions guard shadowy lairs in the Hall of the Western Hemisphere.
Wonders of science, art and natural history will lure you to the Alternative Gallery.
Contemporary art covers the walls of the Springs Gallery.
The bright, whimsical art of famed illustrator Vernon Grant lights up a gallery of its own.
Carolina artists show their work in the Local Accents Gallery.
Catawba Indian pottery, local crafts and educational toys fill the Museum Store.
Beyond the Museum walls, a shaded Nature Trail draws visitors into a uniquely southern outdoor habitat.
And as the seasons change, so does the Museum.
There are always new exhibits, events and programs; new things to see, unexpected mental challenges.
Just walk through our doors. . . Let your imagination guide you beyond.


Exhibits & Special Events

Stans African Halls; Local and regional art; Vernon Grant; Planetarium; Natural history.

CALENDAR of EVENTS for the coming season


Admission & Directions

I-77 travelers take exit 82A and go west. Watch for the Museum's directional signs. MYCO is located 6-1/2 miles from the exit. Others call for directions.

Key Personnel

Van Shields, Director, York County Culture & Heritage Commission

Jeannie Wray, Director of Development
Jeannie Marion, Director of Marketing and Public Information
Sam Thomas, Director of Collections and Curatorial
Teresa Armour, Director of Exhibitions
Nancy Crane, Director of Education and Visitor Services

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