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Mattress Factory Museum

500 Sampsonia Way
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Phone: 412-231-3169 --

Statement of Purpose:

The Mattress Factory is a  museum of contemporary art that commissions, exhibits, and collects site-specific installations.

Highlights & Collections:

Maintain a permanent collection of works by Wiliam Anastasi, Jene Highstein, Rolf Julius, Winifred Lutz, James Turrell, Allan Wexler, and Bill Woodrow. Including a collaborative peice by Monica Block, Mary Carlisle, Cathy Lynn Gasser, Melissa Goldstein, Sandrine Sheon, and Catherine Smith.


Currently presenting Visual Sound, Parts I and II.

Part I of the exhibition runs through July 31, 2001, featuring five new instalations by artists Peter Carre, Takehisa Kosugi, and Robin Minard.

Part II runs through December 30, 2001, and features new installations by Terry Fox, Rolf Julius, Chiristina Kubisch, Hans Peter Kuhn, Akio Suzuki, and Qin Yufen.


Tu-Sa: 10-5; Su: 1-5.

Admission & Directions:

(suggested donation):

Adults $6, Students $4, Children under 12 Free, members Free,
Thursdays are free to anyone.



Check with us at a later date.

Key Personnel:

Barbara Luderowski, Director

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