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Montclair Art Museum, The

3 South Mountain Avenue
Montclair, New Jersey

Phone: 973 746 5555 -- TTY: 973-783-8716

Statement of Purpose:

The Montclair Art Museum is committed to improving the quality of life for an audience of adults and children by enhancing their understanding and love of art.

The Museum carries out this mission through its high quality American and Native American art collections and varied exhibitions, education activities, and related art presentations.

Highlights & Collections:

Located just 12 miles west of Manhattan and housed in a Greek-revival style building. This museum, founded in 1914, features an impressive American and Native American art collection of a quality not usually expected in a small suburb.

The Montclair Art Museum has a national and international reputation for its fine collection of American art and Native American art and artifacts.

Included are more than 11,000 objects, over 600 of which are represented the development of an American voice in painting from the mid 18th century to the present. Among these are examples from John Singelton Copley, Benjamin West, Charles Wilson Peale, Thomas Sully and John Smibert.

* Native American and American Art.
* American art and Native American art and artifacts.

The Montclair Art Museum has earned renown for its permanent collection of  some 11,000 works of American and Native American art spanning the 18th through 20th centuries, particularly 19th-century landscapes and portraits, including significant examples from the Hudson River School and American Impressionism.

Exhibits & Special Events:


Admission & Directions:

The Museum is located 12 miles west of Manhattan and is accessible by public transportation. Call for directions at (201) 746-5555, or visit the Museum's web site


Key Personnel:

Patterson Sims, Director
* Chief Curator: Gail Stavitsky
* Curator of Native American Art: Twig Johnson
* Director of Development: Heather Stivison
* Director of Communications: Anne Marie Nolin

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