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Grants Pass Museum of Art

229 SW "G" Street
Grants Pass, Oregon

Phone: 503 479 3290 --

Statement of Purpose:

Enriching Lives Through Art

Participation and education in the arts create a balance in our community that promotes individuality, camaraderie and a consciousness of our surroundings. The Museum's mission is to enrich lives by offering art experiences that stimulate the senses, intrigue the intellect and bring joy to the spirit.

Highlights & Collections:

The Grants Pass Museum of Art is and has been the city's primary resource for exhibitions and collections of fine art for more than 24 years. Located in the heart of the historic old town, our galleries offer opportunities for learning, introspection and connection with cultures from around the world. Please browse our site, and when in town, come visit the museum.


The Grants Pass Museum of Art provides a monthly show of art collections from around the United States. Collections include a wide variety of mediums and styles, including sculpture, paintings, and textiles. Periodicly, shows include or highlight specific Oregon or local artists.


AAUW Show, July 2003


Tuesday through Saturday: 12 noon - 4:00 p.m.

Admission & Directions:

The Grants Pass Museum of Art exhibits are free of charge during normal hours.

From the I-5 Freeway, take the 58 exit down 6th street, then turn right on G street for 1 and a half blocks.

From the Redwood Highway (US-199), take right Y into historic old town. You will go over the Rogue River on 7th street. Turn left onto G street for 2 and a half blocks.

Key Personnel:

Don Brown, Executive Director

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