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Lost City Museum
Pueblo Grande De Nevada

721 S. Moapa Valley Boulevard
Overton, Nevada

Phone: 702 397 2193 --

Statement of Purpose:

Preservation and interpretation of the prehistory of the Moapa Valley, focusing on the prehistoric Anasazi settlement known as Pueblo Grande de Nevada: the Lost City.


Artifacts of the prehistoric Anasazi Indians who settled the Moapa Valley A.D. 1-1150.

Museum is located on one of the sites that make up the 30 mile-long settlement known as Pueblo Grande de Nevada. Located on the museum grounds are reconstructions of a Basketmaker pithouse and a Pueblo house unit located on the actual foundations.

An actual archaeological site is interpreted within the museum.



8:30 to 4:30 daily (closed 1/1, Thanksgiving Day and 12/25)



Key Personnel:

Kathryne Olson, Director - Curator
Patricia Olson, Archaeologist

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