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Idaho Museum of Natural History

Coner of 5th and Dillon Streets
Idaho State University
Pocatello, ID

Phone: 208 236 3168

Statement of Purpose:

The mission of the Idaho Museum of Natural History is to acquire, preserve, study, interpret and display objects relating to the natural history of Idaho and the Northern Intermountain West for research and education.

The Museum seeks to enhance in the citizens of Idaho and visitors an understanding of and delight in Idaho's natural and cultural history. Specific areas of interest encompass the anthropology, botany, geology, paleontology, and zoology of Idaho and the Northern Intermountain West.

The audiences served include citizens of Idaho, visitors and the national and international community of students and scholars. Information is disseminated through exhibitions, public and professional presentations, publications, formal and informal education, telecommunications and other interpretive programs.


The Nature of Idaho, a perminent exhibit; The Edson Fichter gallery; The Discovery Room


The nature of Idaho. Changing gallery. Call for information.





Key Personnel:

Dr. Skip Lohse, Interim Director / Curator of Anthropology at IMNH, and Professor of Anthropology ISU

Mary Flint:, Registrar/Earth Sciences Collections Manager

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