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Koshare Indian Museum

115 West 18th Street
La Junta, CO

Phone: 719-384-4411 (800) 693-5482

Statement of Purpose

The mission of the Koshare Indian Museum is to provide an educational experience for visitors and residents of all ages through the preservation and perpetuation of American Indian culture, with a primary focus on art and artifacts of the Southwest and Plains Indians; and to offer a youth program through Scouting which provides travel opportunities and enhances the lives of young people through the interpretation of the arts, culture and dances of the Indian people.

Highlights & Collections

The Koshare Kiva, with the largest log-supported roof in the world, plus one of the najor collections of Native American art and artifacts to be found, enhanced by the Koshare Indian Dancers, who for 65 years have studied, honored, preserved, and presented their interpretation of Native American dance.

Paintings include most of the Taos Founders, major collections of pots, baskets, bead work and quill work.

Exhibits & Special Events

1st Sunday each month is Free Day, with no admission charge and featuring the Artist of the Month as the Kiva Presnts throughout the year.


Admission & Directions

Turn south from U.S. 50 (1st Street) on Colorado. Go south on Colorado to 18th Street, turn west (right). Go west on 18th one block to the Otero Junior College campus and the Koshare Indian Museum.

Key Personnel

Jeremy Manyik, Director

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