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Leanin' Tree Museum of Western Art

6055 Longbow Drive
Boulder, Colorado

Phone: 303 530 1442

Statement of Purpose:

The museum is the repository of a private collection of contemporary American western paintings and bronzes assembled by the chairman and founder of Leanin' Tree, Inc., a fine art greeting card company.

The art depicts the history of the American west as well as the contemporary landscape, wildlife, Native Americans, and cowboys of the west.


There is no admission fee for the museum. Tours are free as well. The museum is visitor friendly with a 300 word essay next to each painting giving information about the work, the life of the artist, how the work was obtained and sometimes, wonderful stories of the friendship between Ed Trumble and the artist. There are treasure hunts for small children and quizes for older children with prizes for each child just for participating. There is a gift shop of greeting cards and fine art prints published by Leanin' Tree, all under $10.00.


Contemporary Western and Cowboy art. Over 200 paintings, 80 bronzes in a private collection.

The art is only bronze sculpture and paintings of the American west produced since 1940.

Paintings and bronzes; wildlife, indians, desert and mountain landscapes.

For more info:


Mon-Fri 8:00 to 4:30 and Sat & Sun 10-4


Always FREE. Tours are FREE.

Leanin' Tree is 10 minutes northeast of downtown Boulder, Colorado

45 minutes from downtown Denver. Northeast out of Boulder on Foothills Parkway, which becomes Highway 157, take 63rd street right off 157 and go south three blocks watching for signs saying museum. On the corner of Longbow Drive and 63rd, Leanin' Tree signs indicate the museum to the right (west) to the monumental sculpture of an Indian holding a buffalo skull over his head. This is the entrance to the parking lot and the Museum.

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