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Lincoln Children's Museum

1420 P Street
Lincoln, Nebraska

Phone: 402-477-4000 --

Statement of Purpose:

The Lincoln Children's Museum is a child-friendly place, full of imaginative exhibits and programs that encourage a "high touch" atmosphere. The new Lincoln Children's Museum opened in October 2000. It is a 40,000 square foot world of color, light, sound and texture, offering three floors of over 60 of the finest exhibits around.

Hands-on interactive learning for children and families. Target age for children: 2 to 12.

Highlights & Collections:

At the Lincoln Children's Museum, the exhibits are made to be touched. Your children can explore dozens of interactive and engaging displays that will stimulate their creativity and desire to learn more!

Here are a few examples:

Prairie Dog Town   Pretend to be a Prairie Dog in the open terrain of Nebraska.  Prairie Dog Town provides a natural environment for creative play with the use of prairie dog costumes, prairie dog puppets and many holes and tunnels. 

Sky High Airport   Learn about airplanes, airports, air transportation, and Nebraska aviation history.  Inside the airport are two planes, a real Cessna airplane and a smaller pretend plane, suitable for toddlers. 

Lunar Lander   Communicate with audio and video and explore the moon’s terrain using the Lunar Lander, the Moon Rover and Mission Control at the Lincoln Children's Museum’s space exhibit.

Apple Tree   The Apple Tree exhibit stands nearly 35 feet tall and spans all three floors of the Museum.  Activities range from climbing to communication, to costumes and exploration.

Big Splash   Prepare to get wet in Big Splash, an interactive water exhibit.  Complete with a real motorboat and a dock, where children can weigh and measure the catches of the day.



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