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Krasl Art Center
St. Joseph Art Association

707 Lake Boulevard
Saint Joseph, Michigan

Phone: 616 983 0271 --

Statement of Purpose:

With its varied options for encountering art, the Krasl Art Center provides a rich learning environment for both children and adults in Southwest Michigan.

Sponsored by the St. Joseph Art Association, the Center opened in 1980 and was recognized with accreditation from the prestigious American Association of Museums by 1983. 

The Krasl Art Center provides the residents of southwest Michigan and visitors to the area with a wide variety of programs. Our mission is to provide communication and aesthetic appreciation of the fine arts. 



 Take time to create your own work of art in one of the Krasl Art Center's numerous classes! In seven spacious classrooms, talented teachers guide you through brief, conveniently scheduled courses in drawing, painting, jewelry, pottery, textiles, photography, printmaking, sculpture, and art history. Each year, workshops conducted by nationally known artists attract students to the Center Children's classes introduce a wide variety of art experiences, while the Center's popular summer camp combines drama, music and visual art in a casual, relaxed setting. The Center also offers appealing and practical art education resources for elementary school classrooms, plus tours and exhibitions planned especially to capture young minds. Films, lectures, videos and concerts round out the Krasl's educational activities. Contact the Krasl's Education Office for more information about the full range of art education alternatives


Highlights & Collections:

Exhibitions, studio and art classes.

Traveling exhibitions bring the works of the masters to Southwestem Michigan.

Our three galleries exhibit traditional fine arts, contemporary works, folk arts and crafts, and the work of local artists in shows which change monthly.  The permanent collection is devoted exclusively to sculpture which focuses on outdoor works by prominent sculptors. Krasl is an advocate to promote the installation and care of outdoors sculpture in the community. Our SculpTour brochure provides directions for a walking tour of the sculpture in downtown St. Joseph. Krasl also offers a wide range of educational programs for both children and adults. These include classes and workshops, summer camps, lectures, concerts and videos.

Our sculpture collection includes work by such sculptors as: Richard Hunt, George Rickey, Kirk Newman, Burt Brent, John Isherwood, Michael Dunbar, Fritz Olsen and Barry Hehemann.



The Krasl Art Center's three galleries are home to numerous exhibitions, changing monthly. Traveling exhibitions include collections from the Smithsonian Institution, Detroit Institute of the Arts, and treasures from other major museums and private collections. The exhibitions are as diverse as contemporary works, traditional fine arts, folk arts and crafts, and the works of local artists. One annual show -a community favorite- highlights the holiday season with collections such as dolihouses, toy trains and carousel horses. An annual all-media art competition attracts entrants from throughout Michigan, creating a remarkable show of statewide talent.
Well-equipped classrooms provide a place for individual artistic expression.

Outdoor sculpture on Krasl grounds and in the surrounding community.

2001 Calendar of Events

Collars and Cuffs: The Politics of Fashion in European Portraiture 1630 to 1880
From January 18 to March 4
Krasl hosts a selection of paintings from the Detroit Institute of Arts. These exquisite portraits offer us a look into social politics from the past


On the Bias
From January 18 to March 4
Young creative artists from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago bring an eclectic mix of knowledge and talent to the Krasl. Guest-curated by Mimi Peterson


VSA Michigan
From March 8 to April 22
This exhibit showcases the artwork of professional Michigan artists with disabilities. With this collection of two- and three-dimensional works, VSA hopes to challenge conventional attitudes and audience preconceptions about disability and expand our understanding of diversity. The show is designed for universal accessibility in its physical layout, Braille and large print sinage and audio description.


BAG Reaches Out from the Box to the Bluff: Recent Works by Members of the Berrien Artist Guild
From March 78 to April 22, 2001
Since 1962, the Berrien Artist Guild has played a major role in local artistic developments. Its members founded the Box Factory in St. Joseph and have taught classes while continuing to produce their own artwork. Sculptures, paintings, and drawings created in a variety of media by BAG members will be displayed.


Sculpted by Nature: Photographs by Sherry Hayne
From March 8 to April 22
Hayne is an award-winning Ann Arbor artist who has been exhibiting her photographs nationally since 1990. A fine arts graduate of Eastern Michigan University, Hayne is a fellow of the MacDowell Colony located in Peterborough, New Hampshire, where she was an artist-in-residence in 1997 and 1999. Her black and white photographs will be exhibited.


Images by the Birmingham Society of Women Painters
From April 26 to June 10
Members of the Birmingham Society of Women Painters have painted and shown their work since 1944. The women founded the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center in 1956 and continue to teach classes, give talks, arrange exhibitions, paint murals, write books, and jury exhibitions in their Michigan community. Their works in watercolor, oils, pastels, and acrylics hang throughout the world.


Krasl Student Show
From April 26 to June 10
Exhibited will be artwork made by people from our community who have taken classes at the Krasl Art Center. Some students are professional artists; some talented "amateurs."


Sergio De Giusti: Figurative Reliefs
From June 14 to August 5
Regarding his sculpture, De Giusti states: "In my work I create figurative images that evoke fantasies of tomb sculptures, anthropological rituals and architectural fragments. [My work] is a romantic look at decay and regeneration, destruction at the beginning of time as well as rebirth--geological and historical."


In Front of Photography and Beyond: Holograms by Jesus Lopez
From June 14 to August 5
Benton Harbor artist Lopez says, "My works address the most primitive aspects of the human condition, which is all about love and life and the mastering of perfection and excellence from the past into the future to the present time." Lopez incorporates ancient and contemporary art, science and technology into his holograms.


Mimi Peterson: Assembled Anagrams
From June 14 to August 5
Peterson states, "By performing grafts, providing counterpionts, and sensing their humor, I have transposed and/or added objects to spell out a fresh interpretation in their newly created relational space. This process of intervention has shifted from the self referential of the 'lost-found' object toward new meanings in my assembled anagrams."


40th Annual Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff
July 14 and 15
An art fair which maintains the highest quality in fine art and fine crafts for the artist and viewing public. Feturing more than 200 artists, demonstrations, delicious food and great people-watching opportunities all within downtown St. Joseph's Lake Bluff Park. This fair is rated by Sunshine Artist Magazine as one of the 50th best Art Fairs in the nation.


Zimmerman Still Life
From August 9 to September 19
Zimmerman, an artist based out of western Michigan for nearly ten years, paints with oil on canvas and paper to create works that subtly allude to biblical or mythological paintings. His textured still lifes are reminiscent of the Trompe L'Oeil style. Zimmerman's paintings have shown locally and nationally.


Tom Phardel: Sculpture and Grounds
From August 9 to September 29
Ann Arbor artist Phardel focuses his sculpture on the interaction of materials within a totemic structure. His works in steel, clay, stone and bronze allude to function, man's tools, and architecture. Phardel openly dismisses function and form, opting instead to focus his energies on mythic and ritual content.


Holly Fisher: Teapost on Parade
From August 9 to Sepetember 19
Fisher is a Kalamazoo sculptor who works with steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and found objects. Her show consists of many whimsical household objects (teapots, gravy boats, lunchboxes, flour sifters, etc.) embellished with wheels, wings, and ornate components.


From September 25 to September 29
Krasl will bring to our guests and members a continuing new look of quality sculpture, pottery, painting, hand-wrought jewelry, textiles, glass and leather merchandise at this one week sale.


Marshall Fredericks Sculptures
From October 5 to November 178
Exhibited will be  ten sculptures by Michigan sculptor Marshall Fredericks. He graduated from the Cleveland School of Art in 1930 and journeyed abroad on fellowship to study with Carl Milles in Sweden. In 1932 he joined the staffs of Crandbrook Academy of Art and Crandbrook and Kingswood Schools in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Many of his works have a spiritual intensity. Others are infused with a lighthearted humor, a warm and gentle spirit like that found in Fredericks himself.


David Barr: Sculpture
From November 23 to December 30
Instead of an illusionary representation of recognizable objects and people, Barr depicts the structure of nature and the natural laws that govern relationships which generally go unobserved. Based on the Fibonacci number series, Barr uses gradations and juxtapositions of vivid colors to enhance the interlocking planes of his sculpture and accentuate the underlying dynamism of structure.



Monday-Thursday, Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Friday: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Between Memorial Day and Labor Day Friday: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Sunday: 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Admission & Directions:



Key Personnel:

Darwin R. Davis, Executive Director
Patrice Rose, Director of Administration
Susan Wilczak, Director of Exhibitions and Collections
Donna Metz, Director of Education
Sara Shambarger, Art Fair Director

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