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Hunter Museum of American Art

10 Bluff View
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Phone: 423 267 0968 --

Statement of Purpose:

The South's most complete collection of american art on the Bluffs overlooking the Tennessee River.

Highlights & Collections:

Come tour the galleries and experience the excitement of seeing an original Andrew Wyeth painting. Bathe in the warm colors and atmosphere of a Mary Cassatt; study the character in a John Singer Sargent portrait; or feel the fury of a storm at sea with Winslow Homer.

The permanent collection on display here is regarded as one of the most important gatherings of American art in the southeast , containing works from pre-revolutionary times to the present.

Find out what's new in the art world at one of 30 or more touring shows each year, in one of five galleries within the award-winning new museum complex.

Talented artists from around the world will share their special view of the world with you at exhibits, lectures, films and special video introductions for some shows.

Pick up something extraordinary in the museum gift shop. Handcrafted items, book and prints are featured, and all sales contribute to the work of the museum.

Experience the Hunter for an hour or an afternoon and you'll return often.

Exhibits & Special Events:



Admission & Directions:


Key Personnel:

Cleve Scarbrough, Director

Hunter Museum Board of Trustees 1995-1996
Mrs. Morton N. Center, Chairperson Mr. Llewellyn Boyd Mrs. Gregory D. Brown Mrs. Thomas W. Brown, Iii Mrs. R. H. Caldwell, Jr. Mr. E. Y. Chapin, Iii Mr. J. H. Davenport, Iii Mrs. R. B. Davenport, Iii Mrs. Daniel K. Frierson Mrs. James L. E. Hill Mrs. Ruth S. Holmberg Mr. Paul Mallchok Mr. Sam E. Miles, Jr. Ms. Sharon Mills Mr. Scott L. Probasco, Jr. Mr. Phil B. Whitaker Mrs. Philip B. Whitaker, Jr.

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