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Georgia Museum of Art

90 Carlton Street - University of Georgia
Athens, GA

Phone: 706 542 4662
TTY: 706-542-1007

Statement of Purpose

The Georgia Museum of Art shares the mission of the University of Georgia to support and promote teaching, research, and service.
Specifically, ther museum works to collect, preserve, exhibit, and interpret significant works of art.
To those ends, its primary collections are American paintings, prints, and drawings produced since 1830, and a broad survey of European prints; additional significant collections include European Old Master paintings and Japanses prints. The museum serves its academic and general audiences through a balanced exhibition schedule that is drawn from its collections and from traveling exhibitions of the arts of diverse cultures.
Essential support for this schedule is provided by the department of education which develops and implements a wide variety of interpretive programs. In addition to its public activities, the miseim makes available its collections and resources to students, faculty, visiting scholars, and the community at large. The museum sraff teaches and conducts research, and through opublications encourages and disseminates scholarship, provides general information, documents exhibitions and collections, and generates intellectual inquiry.
As a repository and educational instrument of the visual arts, the Georgia Museum of Art advocates the arts as vital to scholars, students, and the public.

Highlights & Collections

American paintings; European, American and Oriental prints; Samuel H. Kress Study Collection of Italian Renaissance paintings.

The Georgia Museum of Art has rapidly become a significant cultural resource for the University of Georgia, the state, and the southeastern region.

In 1945, the retired attorney Alfred H. Holbrook from New York donated 100 paintings to establish the Georgia Museum of Art. Collaborating with Professor Lamar Dodd, the head of the University of Georgia's Department of Art in 1945, Mr. Holbrook sought space for the collection in the basement of the old university library. The museum officially opened to the public on November 8, 1948. After the Ilah Dunlap Little Memorial Library was completed in 1955, renovations to the old library building, which was constructed in 1907, began. The old library required many modifications before it could house works of art. The upper level became three exhibition galleries with alcoves; the lower level was converted into offices for the administrative staff. On January 28, 1958, the remodeled building opened to the public. The overwhelming response to the museum, and its popularity around the state, prompted the State Legislature to designate the museum the official state museum of art in 1982. The generosity of the Friends and supporters of the Georgia Museum of Art have contributed to years of growth that have seen the permanent collection increase from the initial 100 donated paintings to over 7,000 objects.

Main Attraction(s): New 52,000 square foot building with 10 galleries; hosts traveling exhibitions from around the world as well as the permanent collection; fully handicapped accessible; hosts a variety of educational activities such as Family Days, lectures, film festivals, and more; building has large auditorium and a studio classroom.

The museum's collections consist primarily of nineteenth- and twentieth-century American paintings; American and European prints and drawings dating from 1500 to the present; and Japanese prints. The holdings also include a Samuel H. Kress study collection of Italian Renaissance paintings; a small collection of Asian and African art, textiles, Japanese arms and armour, and ancient coins. The museum has also established the Virginia Y. Trotter Decorative Arts Fund. Funds will be used to build the collection of decorative arts to be displayed in the new Decorative Arts Gallery.

The museum's collections consist primarily of 19th- and 20th-century American paintings as well as British watercolors on long-term loan from the West Foundation; European and American prints and drawings from the 16th century to the present; and Japanese prints.

The holdings also include the Samuel H. Kress Study Collection of Italian Renaissance paintings. The Lamar Dodd Gallery, the Rachel Cosby Conway Gallery, the Alfred Heber Holbrook Gallery and the Samuel H. Kress Gallery in the C. L. Morehead Jr. Wing feature some of the most important American canvases in the permanent collection and Old Master works from the Kress collection.

The George-Ann and Boone Knox Gallery of Prints and Drawings presents rotating exhibitions of works on paper from the museum's extensive collection and from other private and public collections.

Exhibits & Special Events

de Vlaminck: 

de Vlaminck: Haystacks


Gauguin: Madame 

de Monfried
Gauguin: Madame de Monfried

Supporting Events:

In addition to exhibitions, the Georgia Museum of Art regularly organizes events for its patrons, from films to lectures to Family Days.


Museum Shop Hours

Admission & Directions:

Free admission with suggested donation of $2.

From Atlanta, take 85 N to 316. Travel approximately 40 miles until the Athens Perimeter. There is a sign for the Georgia Museum of Art. Travel about five miles on the Perimeter (Loop 10). Exit onto College Station Road and take a left. Go through a traffic light and turn right into the River Road Loop. A sign with the Performing and Visual Arts complex on it will be the signal to turn. Go around the loop and follow the signs for the museum.

Key Personnel:

William U. Eiland Director 
Patricia Wright Secretary to the Director (706) 542-0441
Betty Alice Fowler Assistant to the Director 
Julie Platt Feldman Deputy Director (706) 583-8231
Romita Ray Curator of Prints and Drawings (706) 542-0487
Ashley Callahan Curator of Decorative Arts (706) 542-0440
Paul Manoguerra Curator of American Art (706) 542-0463
Dennis Harper Curator of Exhibitions (706) 542-3631
Cece Hinton Curator of Education (706) 583-0111
Tricia Terry Curatorial Assistant  
Bonnie Ramsey Director of Communications (706) 542-0451
Michele Stancil Media Relations Coordinator (706) 542-9078
Rebecca Yates  Editor  (706) 542-1817
Michelle Neumann Intern Coordinator (706) 542-2303
Annelies Mondi Registrar (706) 542-0439
Tricia Miller Assistant Registrar 
Christy Sinksen Assistant Registrar  
Malissa Ryder Assistant Registrar  
W. Thomas Wilfong Director of Development (706) 542-3928
Wendy Cooper  Director of Membership Services (706) 542-0437
Kaye Crane Secretary for the Friends of the Museum (706) 542-0830
Michele Turner Special Events Coordinator (706) 542-0442
Kathy Keene Assistant to the Business Manager 
Nonie Hale Museum Shop Manager 
Gail Bridges Building Supervisor (706) 542-0447
Brenda Wade Receptionist/Library Exchange Coordinator (706) 542-4662 
Greg Benson Chief Preparator (706) 542-0444
Lanora Pierce Assistant Preparator (706) 542-0444

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