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Health Adventure, The

2 South Pack Square
Asheville, North Carolina

Phone: 704-254-6373

Statement of Purpose:

The Health Adventure is a health and sciences education center for all ages, dedicated to improving health awareness, promoting wellness lifestyles and increasing science literacy through programs, exhibits, and services.


The Health Adventure is a hands-on, interactive museum for all ages. Over 12,000 square feet of exhibitry depict and explain some of the mysteries of the human body and the science of our world. Exhibits on hearing, fiber, circulation, nutrition, and bones are all popular exhibits for older children and adults. The Creative Playspace Gallery, especially designed for children ages 3-8, is filled with dolls, puppets, and imagination stimulating toys. Each of the eleven galleries of the museum contain exhibitry geared specifically for adults and entertaining toys for children. It's a great place for the whole family!






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Key Personnel:

Wm. David Mosley, Executive Director

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