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Schein-Joseph International Museum of Ceramic Art

At Alfred University
New York State College of Ceramics
Alfred, New York

Phone: 607 871 2421

Statement of Purpose:

To collect, preserve and conserve, research, interpret and exhibit ceramic objects for educational and aesthetic purposes, which encourage and promote the advancement, understanding, enjoyment and diffusion of knowledge of the history of ceramic art.


Permanent and temporary exhibitions of ceramic art and ceramic technology, including pottery of the Ancient Americas, Asian ceramics from China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia, American ceramics from 1900 to the present, the work of Alfred-trained ceramists, European dinnerware, the stonewares of Charles Fergus Binns, the Father of American studio ceramics, to name just a few.


Jack Earl Ceramics

The Binns Medalists

Teaching Tools: the Museum Collection at Alfred

Selections from the M.F.A. Gloryhole Collection




Key Personnel:

Dr. Margar Carney, Museum Director

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