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Fleischer Museum


17207 N Perimeter Drive
Scottsdale, Arizona

Phone: 602-585-3108 --

Statement of Purpose:

Permanent collection dedicated to American impressionism, California School, late 19th to early 20th centuries.

Highlights & Collections:


Press Release CLOSED:

Fleischer Museum to Close

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, November 5, 2002 …After thirteen years, Fleischer Museum, which features American Impressionism California School, 1890-1930s and Soviet Impressionism, 1930-1980s, will close its doors on November 15, 2002. From inception through August of 2001, funding for Fleischer Museum operations and its facility were provided by Mort and Donna Fleischer and Franchise Finance Corporation of America (FFCA). In August of 2001, FFCA was purchased by GE Capital and the Fleischers contemplated closing the Museum shortly thereafter.

Prior to the closing of the sale of FFCA, the City of Scottsdale proposed that Fleischer Museum be kept open and the City would provide operating funds and long term financing for a new Fleischer Museum facility in downtown Scottsdale. The City of Scottsdale did provide funds for an outside exhibit and operations for Fleischer Museum from August of 2001 through mid November of 2002 while plans were being made for the new downtown Museum facility which was to be located in the Loloma redevelopment district. After many months of planning and discussion, the closure of the Museum is necessitated due to withdrawal of the City of Scottsdale's interest in providing operating funds or continuing to arrange or provide long term facility funding due to economic conditions.


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