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Fort Gibson Historic Site

907 North Garrison
Fort Gibson, Oklahoma

Phone: (918) 478-4088 --

The Pelican Rifles, a confederate reenactor group, drilling

Statement of Purpose:

To preserve and interpret the history of Fort Gibson, a 19th century army frontier outpost, active from 1824-1890.

This includes daily frontier life, the 1834 Dragoon expedition, the Indian Removal, The Civil War, and the Indian Wars period. THe W.P.A. reconstruction of the Stockade is also interprated.

a 1840s army contract surgeon.

Highlights & Collections:

Reconstructed 1824 Army Stockade, 1845 era barracks and commisary building, 1868-1872 era buildings, living history encampments and events, terminus of the Trail of Tears, and Civil War fort.

a reenactor explaining African American soldier's at Fort Gibson.



the 1845 era barracks building.

the replica of the 1824-1857 stockade.

a friendly exchange between Union and Confederate reenactors.

a WPA built replica of the Commanders quarters.


Admission & Directions:

Located on State HWY 80 in the Town of Fort Gibson, 1 1/2 miles north of US Hwy 62.

Key Personnel:

Richard A. Fields, Superintendent

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