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Dwight D. Eisenhower Library - Museum

200 S.E. 4th Street
Abilene, KS

Phone: 913 263 4751

Statement of Purpose

Presidential archives/museum and family home. President memorabilia, military artifacts.

The Eisenhower Presidential Center in Abilene, Kansas commemorates the spirit of the Allied Expeditionary Forces of World War II, as well as the administration of the 34th president of the United States. 

The Eisenhower family home is at the center of the complex. This simple frame structure is typical of the late 19th century Kansas family dwellings. 

The Museum, built of native limestone, depicts President Eisenhower's life and career from his early childhood through his two terms in office as Chief Executive. Five major galleries include exhibits ranging from presidential gifts from the world's heads of state to highlights of Mamie Eisenhower as First Lady to the simple artifacts of everyday life. 

The Place of Meditation is the final resting place of the President, his wife and their first-born son, Doud Dwight Eisenhower. 

The Presidential Library preserves papers, audiovisual materials, and other historical items relating to President Eisenhower. The Library's research facilities have been utilized by scholars from all 50 states and many foreign countries.

Exhibits & Special Events

D-Day to VE Day.


Daily: 9-4.

Admission & Directions:

The Eisenhower Center is located two miles south of the Abilene exit off Interstate 70.

Key Personnel:

Dennis Medina, Museum Curator.
Hazel Stitt

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