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Bair Family Museum

2751 MT Hwy 294
Martinsdale, Montana

Phone: 406-572-3314  

Statement of Purpose:

The Charles M. Bair family was one of Montana's wealthiest and most philanthropic families. They supported scholarships, youth organizations, the arts and music. It was the wish of sisters Marguerite and Alberta that their home be left as a museum for others to enjoy.

The Charles M. Bair Family Museum is managed by the Upper Musselshell Historical Society.

Highlights & Collections:

The Charles M. Bair Family Museum was the ranch home of the Bair family, purchased in 1913 and the family's permanent residence since 1934. The rooms are filled with antiques and paintings collected by Marguerite and Alberta on their many trips to Europe.

Visitor Center:

The Bair Company gift shop features mostly “Made-In-Montana” products.

All tours are guided.

The Charles M. Bair Family Museum grounds:  Bring your picnic supplies and set up at the picnic tables beside the Visitor’s Center or on the large lawn around the Visitor’s Center. There is no shelter available. No picnics are allowed in the Visitor Center. When scheduling a tour, a list of area food establishments is available.

The Museum is handicapped accessible.



Admission & Directions:

On US Hwy 12 E between Harlowton and White Sulphur Springs, the museum is one mile south from the junction of US Hwy 12 E and MT Hwy 294.  On US Hwy 89 between Ringling and White Sulphur Springs, the museum is 28 miles from the junction of US Hwy 89 and MT Hwy 294. Follow the signs to the Visitor Center parking lot.

Bair Museum Aerial View

Key Personnel:

Sandy Solberg

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