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Edison Birthplace Museum

9 Edison Drive Box 451
Milan, Ohio

Phone: 419-499-2135 --

Statement of Purpose:

Preserving the Birthplace of Thomas Alva Edison as a public museum.

Highlights & Collections:

The Edison Birthplace Museum provides you with an intimate glimpse into the life of one of the world's greatest inventors. Guided tours last about 45 minutes and give a history of the inventor's life and work (He held 1,093 American patents) and also tell you about 19th century living in a middle class home located in a booming canal town.

Edison family furnishings. Samples of Edison's more important inventions.

Exhibits & Special Events:

Guided tours.


Admission & Directions:

The Edison Birthplace is located 2 miles south of the Norwalk-Sandusky Exit of the Ohio Turnpike in Milan, Ohio. Nine Edison Drive is located just off State Route 113 East in Milan. Just follow the signs in town.



Check with us at a later date.

Key Personnel:

Robert K.L. Wheeler, President
Laurence J. Russell, Administrator - Curator.

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