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Cleveland Health Education Museum

8911 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio

Phone: 216-231-5010 --

Statement of Purpose:

The Health Museum of Cleveland is an exciting, interactive place to learn about the wonders of the human body and to; discover the knowledge you need to live a healthy lifestyle, regardless of your age.

Highlights & Collections:

Through more than 150 exhibits you'll uncover simple facts about a nutrition, exercise, and how to make healthy life choices.

Plus how to avoid or quit bad habits which lead to poor health.

Come and see for yourself how much fun it can be to learn...about yourself!


Get ready!  HealthSpace Cleveland is having its grand opening November 8, 2003.  HealthSpace Cleveland is The Health Museum of Cleveland completely transformed.  Our stunning new 81,000 square-foot facility provides families and individuals with a forum for discussing timely health issues, a place to learn through play, and up-to-the-minute information that can truly impact your health.  *  Experience our new interactive exhibits as you take the road to Good Health - a real-life adventure with places to play and things to learn as you wind through the stages of life.  *  Make important health decisions in Head First! - our amazing interactive theater housed in a monumental stylized human head, complete with a virtual host.  *  Take in a program in the Frohring Education Center - from nutrition cooking classes to Junior Medical Camp to a fitness evaluation, there is a program just right for you.  *  Enjoy all the amenities you expect in a world-class environment.  Superb food service, outdoor dining area, plenty of on-site parking, an imaginative gift shop, a theater-style auditorium offering information and entertainment.



Visit our Museum Shop. It's open the same hours as the Museum.

Admission & Directions:

The Health Museum of Cleveland is located at East 89th Street and Euclid Avenue, just a few minutes from downtown Cleveland, Ohio. There is free parking off East 89th Street between Euclid and Chester Avenues.


Key Personnel:

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