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Buffalo Museum of Science

1020 Humboldt Parkway
Buffalo, NY

Phone: 716-896-5200

Statement of Purpose:

The Buffalo Museum of Science, through collections, research, education and interpretation, provides opportunities for all people to develop a scientific understanding of the natural and cultural world with an emphasis on the Greater Niagara Region. The Museum challenges everyone to use their knowledge of science to enhance respect for each other and the environment.


With more than 30,000 squarre feet of exhibition space, we offer both permanent and traveling exhibitions throughout the year. From dinosaurs and our stunning presentation of daily life in ancient Egypt to insects and the future of space exploration, we offer a wide variety of experiences that are both educational and fun.

Collections of more than 700,000 items in anthropology, botany, mycology, entomology, vertebrate and invertebrate zoology and geology


Whem Ankh: The Cycle of Life in Ancient Egypt - offers visitors the chance to follow a day in the life of our mummies as we can best re-create them historically. Using three years of research and a stunning theatrical styled presentation, you'll get to know Nes-hor and his family as they lived in the City of Khent-min in the year 195 BCE.

StarStation One - the only official program that explains what is happening with the new International Space Station. Sanctioned by NASA and sponsored by Space Station Houston, The Boeing Corporation and the Bishop Museum in Honolulu, this exhibit gives clues as to what is happening with the construction of the space station and what it will mean to all of us when the station is up and running.

Other permanent exhibits include Dinosaurs & Co., The Tibetan Sand Mandala, The Gibson Hall of Space and our renovated Insect World.




Key Personnel:

Michael J. Smith, President/CEO

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