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Bronx Zoo / Wildlife Conservation Park

Bronx River Parkway At Fordham Road
Bronx, New York

Phone: 718-367-1010 --

Statement of Purpose:

The purpose of the Wildlife Conservation Society, since its founding in 1895 as the New York Zoological Society, has been to save wildlife and inspire people to care about our natural heritage. Today, 100 years later, this mission continues to be realized through the nation's largest system of urban wildlife parks: the Bronx Zoo, the Aquarium for Wildlife Conservation, and the Wildlife Centers in Central Park, Queens, and Prospect Park. The Society continues to pioneer environmental education programs used throughout the United States and abroad. It is the world's leading international conservation program devoted to saving endangered species and ecosystems.

The Society has helped to establish more than 100 wildlife sanctuaries around the world. In the last five years, the Society's efforts have led to the protection of over 90 million acres in 11 countries. The Society also manages more than 270 field conservation projects in over 50 nations.


Highlights & Collections:

Exhibits and Education:

Special habitats have been designed for species ranging from snow leopards to birds of paradise. Animals are cared for in naturalistic exhibits including Wild Asia, Jungle World, Himalayan Nighlands Habitats, Ubrld of Birds, African Plains, Baboon Reserve, World of Darkness, World of Reptiles. Through these exhibits visitors can learn about rare and endangered species and their ecosystems.

The Bronx Zoo has developed award-winning wildlife science curricula, including Wildlife Inquiry through Zoo Education (WIZE), a nationally distributed environmental education program which has been adopted by schools and wildlife centers in 43 states and several foreign countries. Bronx Zoo-designed teacher programs multiply the effectiveness of this program locally, nationally, and internationally.

The Bronx Zoo education department also sponsors on-going international initiatives. An example of a recent endeavor was the "First Pan American Congress on Conservation of Wildlife through Education" held in Caracas, Venezuela, with support from the Wildlife Conservation Society, the Venezuelan government, and the International Association of Zoo Educators.

The Wildlife Conservation Society has developed the most comprehensive elementary and secondary school programs for urban children of any comparable institution in the United States.


The Bronx Zoo has been a guiding force in the collaboration among accredited zoos in North America to preserve endangered species through the American Zoo and Aquarium Association Species Survival Plan. The Wildlife Conservation Society plays a leadership role in this multi-institutional program, which is directed toward careful and coordinated breeding management, supporting the preservation of animals that are losing their homes in nature. As Species Survival Plan coordinators, the Wildlife Conservation Society staff is involved in monitoring the genetic and demographic management of the entire North American captive population of many species. Snow leopards are symbolic of the Wildlife Conservation Society's efforts to save endangered species. Wildlife Conservation Society field studies in Pakistan, Nepal, Mongolia, and China have been complemented by highly successful breeding of snow leopards.

Bronx Zoo-based expertise, technology, and scientific research and discoveries work in tandem with conservation efforts in the field.

Recent Wildlife Conservation Society research, conducted at Society headquarters' Science Resource Center, allowed forest elephants in Cameroon and Zaire to be successfully radio-collared in order to track their migrations. This research provides vital information needed to determine the size of protected areas, aiding in the conservation of these animals. Wildlife Conservation Society studies and research have provided information at international conventions to support the declaration of the African elephant as an endangered species.

Exhibits & Special Events:


Directions: For directions, please call (718) 367-1010.

Admissions: April 1 - October 31:

November 1 - January 3:

January 4 - Mar 31:

Children under 2 are always free. Admission is free to all on Wednesdays

Bronx Zoo, Bronx River Parkway at Fordham Road, Bronx, N.Y.


Key Personnel:

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