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Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum

124 West Main Street
Crosbyton, TX

Phone: 806 675 7777 - Tty: -

Statement of Purpose

Exhibit the collection of Mr. Taylor's discoveries and reproductions of dinosaur, mammoth and other types of paleontological artifacts. These exhibits are presented with a "Creation-Friendly" point of view, with data and observations that support it.

Highlights & Collections

Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum, (not a 501(c)3 business), contains an extensive and fascinating collection of dinosaur, mammoth and other bones, reproductions, skulls, full skeletons, footprints/tracks from all over the United States. Mr. Taylor is quite likely the world's best at crafting complex molds for reproduction casts of individual artifacts (skulls) and in-situ (partially excavated) skeletons. Much high quality art work accompanies the exhibits.

The exhibits are intimately arranged, and questions are welcome. Gifts of various kinds: shark's teeth, "T-Rex" teeth (reproduction OR real), buffalo skulls, books on fossils, scriptural topics, cookbooks, saber-tooth cat skulls (in bronze, cement, or fiberglass!)

A meeting room is available for lectures or teaching sessions for visiting experts in a variety of fields.

Visitors will find their views of the wonders of God's Creation supported, expanded, and verified in a trip to Mt. Blanco Museum, and they can see a complete triceratops and mammoth skeletons completely assembled. It is amazing what size these animals were, how huge their heads, how massive their legs and feet! What child wouldn't gasp to see a triceratops, a mammoth with 6' tusks not 4 feet away?

Mr. Taylor's collection of buffalo skulls wonderfully shows the great variety of these animals. More examples of these varied species are coming to light every day, mostly in the Southwest USA.

Mr. Taylor, himself, is a fascinating, unforgettable man. Crosbyton is his hometown. He has devoted the last 25 years to digging, restoring, and reproducing an incredible variety of his own and others' discoveries of fossils and bones. He makes every guest feel welcome.

Mammoth Skeleton reproduction, complete; triceratops skeleton reproduction, complete; trilobites; tiger and lion skulls; three-toed horse; much more! The world's largest (measures 35' X 12') mold and reproduction of partial excavation of approximately 12 individual mammoths discovered near Waco, Texas. (Mr. Taylor has just completed the commission to cast this mold for permanent display in Baylor University's new exhibit hall. This is quite likely the world's largest and most complex work of this type.

Major Research Fields:

Dinosaur Digs in Colorado, Montana, Utah, Texas, Wyoming. Paluski River dinosaur tracks research and reproduction, human giant research and skeletal remains.

Current Exhibits and Upcoming Special Events

Variety of Buffalo Skulls, Triceratops skeleton, Mammoth Skeleton, local (Blancan strata) fossils: camel, horse, metaposaur, bear/dog, turtle, crocodile, various fossils from recent digs in preparation/restoration at all times.



9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday thru Friday; Saturday and Sunday appointments by arrangement, call 806 675 7777, or fax 806 675 2421.

Admission & Directions:

Adults $4, Children $1, Group rates available. Donations of support money or fossils are invited and appreciated.

Crosbyton, TX is 35 miles east of Lubbock, TX on Highway 82. Crosbyton is the gateway to the Llano Estacado (Staked Plains), some of the most productive land in the world (when it rains!).

Key Personnel:

Joe Taylor, owner, curator
Joel Peck, Art Director, Display Design and Execution

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