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Old Cowtown Museum

1865 West Museum Boulevard
Wichita, KS

Phone: 1-316-219-1871 - Tty: - 1-888-264-0671

Statement of Purpose

Old Cowtown Museum is an educational instiution dedicated to preserving and presenting the history of Wichita and Sedgwick County, Kansas from 1865 - 1880.

Highlights & Collections

Old Cowtown Museum is accredited open air living history site with over 40 restored buildings on 17.3 acres. Located in the heart of Wichita, Kansas and part of the Museums on the River district, Old Cowtown Museum covers three distinct time periods through its exhibits. The Old Town Area presents the settlement era of early Wichita and includes the Munger House, a story and a half log structure that is listed on the National Historic Register of Historic Places.

The townscape, which contains the bulk of the buildings in the museum represents Wichita around 1872. It includes working craft sites such as a Blacksmith Shop, Carpentry Shop, and The Wichita City Eagle and print shop. It also includes Fritz Snitzler's Saloon, a reconstructed drug store, and one of the few restored wooden grain elevators. The town site also includes a livery stable with two Longhorn cattle, as well as a Drovers camp.

The most recent addition that anchors the 1880 time period is the 1880 DeVore Farm. This working farm demonstrates an established farm in the county and has Berkshire Hogs, Light Brahma Chickens, Red Durham Short-horned Milking cows and Tim and Barney, the black Percheron horses that are used to perform the farming operations.

The grounds are staffed daily by up to twelve time-period appropriately costumed interpreters who demonstrate daily life in the late 19th Century.

Come journey into that foreign land that is the past!

The museum holds over 10,000 objects that pertain to the life and history of Wichita and Sedgwick County, Kansas. The primary purpose of the collection is to furnish the historic buildings and demonstrate daily life. The majority of the collection is on display with a small collection of archival holdings that are used in research by the staff and visiting scholars.

Current Exhibits and Upcoming Special Events


Admission & Directions:

From the Center of Town:

From US Interstate 135:

Key Personnel:

Gloria Campbell, Director

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