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New York Mills Art Retreat & Regional Cultural Center

24 North Main Avenue
New York Mills, MN

Phone: 218 385 3339 - Tty: -

Statement of Purpose

The mission of the New York Mills Arts Retreat & Regional Cultural Center is to enhance the cultural and creative opportunities of rural Americans! The Regional Cultural Center is recognized as a national prototype for rural arts programming.

Highlights & Collections

Economic Development Tool: The Regional Cultural Center and the City of New York Mills have been successful in combining arts and economic development since the Regional Cultural Center's grand opening in June of 1992. From that time to present, over 15 new businesses have moved into the community increasing jobs in town 40 precent, from 700 to well over 1,000. As a result, we have become a model for other small rural communities around the country.

Inovative Arts Programming which includes:

Regional Cultural Center is Housed in an historic 1885 brick mercantile building in the community of New York Mills (pop.963) located 180 miles NW of Minneapolis/St.Paul. the building now houses a fine art gallery, performance space, studio space, gift shop, and classroom areas.

Exhibits & Special Events


Admission & Directions:

There is no admission charge to visit the gallery. There may be a fee for special events.

New York Mills is located 180 miles northwest of Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN on US Hwy 10.

Key Personnel:

John Davis, Executive Director
Mark Turner, Administrative Director.

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