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Library of Congress

Washington, DC

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Thank you for visiting the Library of Congress.

Many questions received by the Library of Congress can be answered by using local libraries. If your question can be addressed through the use of a local library or by consulting information listed on the following screens, we will not provide an additional response to your correspondence.


The files available through LOCIS provide bibliographic and citation information only. The full text of books and journal articles is not available online from LOCIS.

There are some projects on the Internet that make books available in full text. For information on these and other Internet resources, please consult one of the many guides to the Internet available through bookstores or available via the Internet.


We appreciate hearing from you when you identify errors in material which the Library of Congress has developed and mounted on the Internet.

Many malfunctions are temporary and may clear up shortly. Please try again and alert us of any repetitive problems in using Library of Congress Web sites.


The Library of Congress Web and Gopher services (LC WEB and LC MARVEL) provide links to materials and sites which are not maintained by the Library of Congress. In providing this service, the Library of Congress cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy or the completeness of information found at other Web or Gopher sites. We suggest that you identify the source of the material and send a comment or suggestion. Thank you for your interest in correcting information found on the Internet.



In support of the Congress, the Library manages a World Wide Web resource known as THOMAS, which has full text federal legislation for the 103rd and 104th Congresses, as well as full text of the Congressional Record for those years, and pointers to other Internet resources relating to federal legislation. The URL for THOMAS is:

B) via LOCIS (Federal Legislation)

The primary purpose of the legislative files is to be up to date with the current status of bills. Although the legislative files offer a substantial amount of information, the full texts of bills and laws are not generally available online from LOCIS. When time permits, in the current Congress, the full text of a law may be keyed in and available for searching. The URL for LOCIS is: telnet://

In addition, please note that voting records of individual members of Congress are not included in the LOCIS legislative files. The dates and totals of votes are recorded; the Congressional Record, available in local depository and some other libraries, records how individual members voted.

C) Other Resources

There are several other sources, not associated with the Library of Congress, that provide machine-readable versions of full-text Congressional documents; some are on cd-rom and some are online. Consult a library for names and locations of these sources.

Print copies of federal legislative publications may be found in federal depository libraries; a local library can help you determine the nearest depository library.

In addition, legislative publications may be requested from your Representative or Senator, or from the Document Rooms of the Senate and House of Representatives.


The following addresses are available for Library of Congress Internet resources.

LC MARVEL (Gopher providing information about research at the Library of Congress and searching other Internet resources). Access via another gopher system or a workstation-based gopher client. URL: gopher://

LC WEB (Library of Congress World Wide Web Home Page). Use to view LC exhibits and events, digital collections, and THOMAS (Legislative Information). From the LC WEB Home Page, connections can be made to LOCIS and LC MARVEL. URL:

LOCIS (Online information system including the Library's computer catalog) using telnet. URL: telnet://

ANONYMOUS FTP (Contains information about LC and its exhibits, reference guides, and digital collections.) URL: login as anonymous; at userid, key your full email address or the word guest.

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