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Franklin Institute Science Museum

222 North 20th Street
Philadelphia, PA

Phone: 215 448 1200 - Tty: -

Statement of Purpose

The Franklin Institute's mission is to stimulate interest in science, to promote public understanding of science, and to strengthen science education. The Institute maintains an exemplary, innovative museum of science with engaging, educational exhibits and programs; supports a diverse set of partnerships with all levels of the formal educational system; interprets the social and historical impact of science and technology; recognizes outstanding achievement; and provides a forum for discussion of important scientific issues. The Franklin Institute also serves to perpetuate the legacy of Benjamin Franklin.

The Franklin Institute Online ( is the website of The Franklin Institute Science Museum, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Franklin Institute is using the web to support informal science education in classrooms and homes around the world.

Highlights & Collections

The Franklin Institute has four floors of exciting hands-on exhibits in the Science Museum and Mandell Center. It is a wonderful place for exploring minds of all ages to visit, particularly families, school groups, scout troops, or anyone interested in science. The Institute houses the Benjamin Franklin National Memorial, as well as Astronomy, Bioscience, Railroad, Communications, Mechanics, Aviation, and Traveling Exhibit Halls. See the Baldwin Locomotive, visit the Weather Center, browse science websites in Science@Your.Fingertips, and take a walk through the giant model heart, 220 times the size of a human heart. The Tuttleman Omniverse Theater shows incredible IMAX films on its four-story screen, and the Fels Planetarium uses a Digistar projection system to thrill audiences with its presentations. Daily shows, activities, and events entertain visitors as well; there is always something happening at The Franklin Institute!

The Franklin Institute, in existence since 1824, has amassed some incredible artifacts in its collections. Benjamin Franklin's inventions and possessions, the Wright Brothers' airfoils, antique bicycles, early electricity devices, various scientific instruments, and a real Baldwin Locomotive are just a few of the items visitors to the museum can appreciate. To read about and see some of the Institute's collections that are not display on the Museum floor, pay a visit to our inQuiry Attic at

Current Exhibits and Upcoming Special Events

For a preview and description of all major permanent exhibit halls, including the new permanent exhibit "Franklin...He's Electric!" celebrating Benjamin Franklin's legacy and the Institute's role in science over its 175 years, visit the exhibits at

Franklin...He's Electric!

(See for information about Planetarium shows.)


Museum hours are posted at

Admission & Directions:

Admission prices can be found at

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Key Personnel:

Dennis Wint, President and CEO

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