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Century House Historical Society

A.J. Snyder Estate 668 RTE 213
Rosendale, New York

Phone: 845-658-9900 --

Statement of Purpose:

1. To promote and encourage original historical research.

2. To disseminate and encourage a greater knowledge of the State of New York and particularly the area in New York State designated geographically, geologically and industrially as the Rosendale Cement District.

3. To disseminate and encourage a greater knowledge of the relationship of the district to the development of the nation, emphasizing contributions of an industrial nature.

4. To examine and analyze the lives of industrialists, the role of labor and dominant lifestyles of the district.

5. To gather, preserve, display and make available for study artifacts, relics, books, manuscripts, papers, photographs, and other records and materials relating to the history of New York and particulary, of the Rosendale Cement District and the business and industries of the district.

6. To encourgae the suitable marking of places of historic interest relating to the district.

7. To acquire by purchase, gift, devise or otherwise the title to or the custody and control of historic sites and structures, and preserve and maintain such sites and structures.

Highlights & Collections:

Visit the Widow Jane Mine. A cement mine deep underground with a underground lake and home to many interesting activities; historical lectures, musical performances, and plays.

Visit the A. J. Snyder Carriage & Sleigh collection.

Visit the Natural Cement kilns and Delaware & Hudson Canal Slip.

Visit the Cement Museum and the Snyder Estate grounds.


Major Collections: Archives of the Century Cement Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Major Research Fields: History of the Natural & Portland Cement Industry

Permanent Exhibits: Cement Industry


1 pm to 4 pm Wed., Sat., Sun.

Admission & Directions:


1/2 mile west of Rosendale, NY. Near Kingston & New Paltz, NY


Key Personnel:

Dietrich Werner, President

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