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Old Fort Western Museum

16 Cony Street
Augusta, ME

Phone: 207.626.2385 - Tty: -

Statement of Purpose

To protect, preserve, and interpret the historic site and structures of Old Fort Western.

Highlights & Collections

The chief attraction at Old Fort Western is the 1754 National Historic Landmark main house, America's oldest surviving wooden military building. In it, Captain James Howard commanded a Massachusetts Provincial garrison from 1754 to 1766, operated a store from 1763 to 1812, and housed his family and descendants through the 1840's. Benedict Arnold used the Fort as a major staging area for his famous expedition to Canada in 1775. Old Fort Western's exhibits, collections, and outstanding interpreation staff bring the Fort's history to life in the context of colonial and early New England for visitors of all ages and backgrounds. Nearby is the site of the 1628 Pilgrim Trading Post at Cushnoc.

Old Fort Western exhibits military, store-keeping and residential collections, including archaeological artifacts. Important objects include furniture owned by the Howard family, Howard Store account books, and of course, the main house itself.

Exhibits & Special Events

Old Fort Western maintains three permanent exhibits: a military exhibit located primarily on the parade ground and in the north watchbox and south blockhouse; a store exhibit in the original storehouse section of the main house; and an eight-room house exhibit in the original barracks section of the main house. All exhibits are furnished and outfitted according to Fort Western and Howard-family records.


Admission & Directions:

Take interstate 95 (Maine Turnpike) to exit 30 from the south or 31 from the north. Follow the signs to downtown Augusta, City Center, and Old Fort Western.

Key Personnel:

Jay Adams, Director and Curator

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